Announcing the AI Innovation Awards winners at Transform 2021

  • Hugging Face received the Innovation in Natural Language Process/Understanding Award for 2021 for the team’s work in democratizing NLP.
  • Pilot received the Innovation in Business Applications Award for 2021 for making the back office experience better for small businesses without deep finance teams.
  • Parity received the Startup Spotlight Award for 2021 for its tools and services designed to identify and remove bias from AI systems.”

Hugging Face raises $15 million to build open source community for cutting-edge conversational AI

  • “Hugging Face has announced the close of a $15 million series A funding round led by Lux Capital
  • Hugging Face CEO Clément Delangue said tech companies can’t build open source NLP on their own because research and engineering teams appear to be completely disconnected. Hugging Face and the 200 contributors to its open source project instead focus on providing state-of-the-art performance.”

Clément Delangue

CEO – Hugging Face