IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy Is Fantastic, But AI Also Cut 30% Of Its HR Workforce

    • “Today and under Rometty’s leadership, IBM headcount has dropped approximately 25%. There are now less than 350,000 people. How? In part, artificial intelligence.
    • I agree. Every role in the corporate hierarchy will in one way, shape or form be affected by the introduction of AI over time. She went on to say that job losses as a result of AI is a “red herring” and that we really shouldn’t “follow that logic all over the place.”
    • By example, IBM has reduced its global HR workforce by 30% through the introduction of AI into the company.
    • IBM’s talent strategy also involves the proactive retention of people. Its HR AI system accurately predicts 95% of the time if people might want to leave the company. “It has saved the company over $300 million,” said Rometty, specifically due to proactive retention practices.
    • According to Rometty, this new way of operating at IBM has delivered a 20% bump in employee engagement scores across the company.”

    These Entrepreneurs Are Navigating the ‘Wild West’ of AI With Real-World Results

    “Among the thought leaders sharing their intelligence were:

    • Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, CMO of IBM Watson,
    • Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BEN (Branded Entertainment Network)
    • Phil Schraeder, president and COO of ad exchange GumGum.
  • We caught up with all three business leaders after their presentations to talk about today’s real-world applications of AI.”
  • IBM: $2B expansion in NY to focus on artificial intelligence

    “IBM is announcing plans for a $2 billion expansion in New York state focusing on artificial intelligence hardware.

    The Westchester County-based company says that as part of the investment, it will create a center for AI computer chip research and development at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s campus in Albany.”

    IBM Artificial Intelligence Expert to Urge Conference Delegates to Embrace AI

    “A global influencer with a passion for innovation, Sangster’s role as chief customer officer at IBM Watson puts her at the vanguard of some of the most exciting – and intimidating – transformative technologies in the world.

    Her firm conclusion that by becoming early adopters not for profits can outperform the private sector and reap the rewards of AI and machine learning is good news for the sector – and even better news for Transform 2019 conference delegates, who will discover how it can work during her keynote at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 9 May.”