IBM Was Once King of AI. CEO Arvind Krishna Is Trying to Reclaim That Title

– “Artificial intelligence is the only technique that we know that can harness and harvest all of the data that’s being produced. We know there is incredible value in all of it. Without AI, you might be able to get to 1% of it. Winning Jeopardy was really a milestone. It really put AI on the map. [But] it’s no longer a lab toy. It’s no longer in the domain of a couple of smart professors at MIT, or Stanford or Berkeley. It is something that could do something in the real world.

– Artificial intelligence is a technique whereby you learn from observed data. So, think of the simplest example: how humans do pattern matching. And by the way, AI is nowhere near as good as a 9-month-old human baby. You show them a dog three times, the fourth time they’ll say dog. In AI, maybe if you show it a million photographs of a dog, the million and one time it would say that’s the dog.”

How IBM is preparing for a new era of A.I. ethics

  • “‘Technology is not ethical or unethical, it’s the whole ecosystem around it,’ she says, referring to the ethics guiding its multiple stakeholders, from researchers and developers to economists, policymakers, and consumers. ‘The goal is obvious—to take the best out of A.I., to make it as beneficial as possible, and to avoid the negative impacts.’
  • As companies around the world expand their use of A.I.—more than half of companies have accelerated their A.I. adoption plans—they are taking a careful look at ethics and responsible innovation. And global spending on A.I. systems is only expected to increase from $85.3 billion in 2021 to over $204 billion in 2025, according to market research firm IDC.”

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

  • “It’s been an amazing year for AI, as we’ve seen it accelerate with the pandemic. We’ve seen adoption in businesses go from 4% to 14%. Now I would say we’re pushing 20%.
  • AI is starting to change the way that business is done. I would say the number one lesson we have learned is there is no AI without IA, meaning Information Architecture. You have to have data in order to do AI. So a lot of these projects become about how we help businesses understand their data and make their data ready for AI.”

HSBC launches AI-powered equity index family

“AiPEX harnesses the power of IBM Watson and EquBot’s AI to ingest and learn from the vast amounts of publicly available and continuously generated data points. These points could include company announcements, tweets, a satellite image of a store parking lot, or even the tone of language a CEO uses during an earnings presentation.”

Artificial Intelligence at Barclays – Current Initiatives

“In this article, we discuss three of Barclays’ AI initiatives in particular, as well as the AI vendors the bank claims to have worked with:

Risk Modeling with Simudyne: Predictive analytics for analyzing the risk of lending to a loan applicant.

Voice Recognition for Authentication with Nuance: Natural language processing-enabled identity verification and authentication via voice recognition.

Business Process Automation with IBM: Automated debit and credit card deactivation and customer feedback analysis.”

Artificial Intelligence at Barclays – Current Initiatives