HSBC launches AI-powered equity index family

“AiPEX harnesses the power of IBM Watson and EquBot’s AI to ingest and learn from the vast amounts of publicly available and continuously generated data points. These points could include company announcements, tweets, a satellite image of a store parking lot, or even the tone of language a CEO uses during an earnings presentation.”

Artificial Intelligence at Barclays – Current Initiatives

“In this article, we discuss three of Barclays’ AI initiatives in particular, as well as the AI vendors the bank claims to have worked with:

Risk Modeling with Simudyne: Predictive analytics for analyzing the risk of lending to a loan applicant.

Voice Recognition for Authentication with Nuance: Natural language processing-enabled identity verification and authentication via voice recognition.

Business Process Automation with IBM: Automated debit and credit card deactivation and customer feedback analysis.”

Artificial Intelligence at Barclays – Current Initiatives

IBM Offers “Watson Assistant for Citizens” to Provide Responses to COVID-19 Questions

“NEW YORK: County of Otsego – COVID-19-related information will be available within the next few days for citizens to help them quickly get their health and non-health related questions answered regarding the pandemic. Otsego County’s COVID-19 virtual agent will be able to answer citizen’s questions like: “How do I apply for unemployment?”

TEXAS: City of Austin – COVID-19-related information will soon be available for citizens with interactive conversation on where to get testing and other information.”

IBM releases annotation tool that taps AI to label images

  • “The new tool uses AI to help developers annotate data without having to manually draw labels on an entire data set of images. Simply selecting the “Auto label” button from the dashboard automatically labels uploaded image samples.
  • It’s estimated that the data annotation tools market could be worth $1.6 billion by 2025, and some companies are already cashing in.
  • Vendors include:
  • Scale




    Image credit: IBM