Competition launches: COVID-19 Forecasting Challenges

“We’re following up this week’s earlier call to action with two companion forecasting challenges to help answer a subset of the NASEM/WHO questions on COVID-19:

COVID-19 Global Forecasting Challenge
COVID-19 California Forecasting Challenge

About these challenges
The primary goal is not only to forecast accurately, but to find factors that impact transmission rate of COVID-19. You are encouraged to pull in, curate, and share data sources that might be helpful. If you find variables that look like they impact the transmission rate, please share your findings in a notebook.

John Hopkins University CSSE for making the data available to the public and the White House OSTP for pulling together the key open questions.

Next important deadline
March 25, 2020 Entry deadline

Get started now
COVID-19 Global Forecasting Challenge
COVID-19 California Forecasting Challenge

Thanks for continuing to do what you can to help advance our global understanding of COVID-19,

Kaggle Team”

The jobs we’ll lose to machines — and the ones we won’t | Anthony Goldbloom

“Anthony Goldbloom is the cofounder and CEO of Kaggle and in this talk, he speaks about the realistic views of losing jobs to AI and how there are jobs that will be lost, others that won’t and even some that will be created. His main point is to tell people that they should keep up with the technology and innovations coming in AI to have more opportunities to work with AI instead of against it.”