Can you believe this product launched at CES without AI?

Wait…was there a product announced at CES without AI? If so, I haven’t run across it. In fact, here are just a few of the announcements including an AI powered …toothbrush ???

Artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles in focus at Consumer Electronics Show

Procter & Gamble shows off surprisingly cool tech in ordinary products

Oral-B Genius X with artificial intelligence is a toothbrush that combines the knowledge of thousands of human brushing behaviors to assess individual brushing styles and coach users to achieve better brushing habits. The AI technology tracks where people are brushing in their mouth and offers personalized feedback on the areas that require additional attention.

At CES, robotics delivers AI into every corner of our lives

Personalized guardian robots: Samsung launched squad of AI-equipped robots attuned to guarding their users’ health and air quality, as well as a robotic exoskeleton for amplifying the muscular strength of athletes and others while protecting them from strains, fractures and other risks of overexertion. Helite launched B’Safe and Hip’Safe, which are sensor-equipped wearable robotic airbags designed to protect motorcyclists and the elderly from sudden falls. These airbags have the smarts to know when to inflate (such as in an actual fall) and when not (such as when the user simply steps on a bump or other uneven surface).

The next big thing in PCs might be artificial intelligence, and now Lenovo has an AI laptop

The computer will automatically lock itself when you leave your desk, a feature that can come in handy if you’re working in a public place. It’ll also notify you if anyone is lurking behind you. The camera will track your movement when using an external display, and automatically shift your open windows to the connected screen.

TCL Wants to Use AI Object Recognition to Optimize Your TV’s Color Reproduction

TCL is giving the label “smart TV” a whole new meaning at CES: The Chinese consumer electronics company showed off a TV set that analyzes the visual content of a video, and then changes color tones accordingly.

A music-blasting, Alexa-enabled toilet

If you thought adding a bidet to your current commode was the pinnacle of bathroom luxury, Kohler’s here to help you elevate your standards. The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet is a $7,000 commode that goes all-in on the smart home concept. It bundles Amazon Alexa functionality, integrated Bluetooth speakers, ambient lighting and a hands-free open/close lid. It also has a remote if you don’t want to talk to your toilet in the middle of the night. If you’re wondering about the Numi 2.0’s primary functionality, it boasts heated seats, a warm air dryer, a stainless steel wand and adjustable water temperature.