Bank AI experts gather for NextGen Banking London

“AI experts from Barclays, Lloyds Bank, Citibank, Santander, Westpac and State Street will take to the stage at Finextra’s NextGen Banking London conference on 16th May 2019, to stir up the debate on how artificial intelligence is impacting and reshaping financial services.

Karan Jain, head of technology Europe and Americas at Westpac, will champion the use of artificial intelligence in banking, but also question the implications of the technology and how to overcome obstacles, by fostering talent or otherwise.”

DeepMind is opening a huge new London headquarters in 2020

“DeepMind is a true London success story. This world-leading AI team has stuck closely and passionately to its London roots, understanding and utilising the talent, innovation, creative energy and knowledge that sits on its doorstep. This new announcement not only shows DeepMind’s ongoing commitment to London, but also represents a new era for this remarkable organisation as they take things to the next level,” says Laura Citron, chief executive of London & Partners. “London is the artificial intelligence capital of Europe, with the capital housing more than twice as many companies as its closest rivals, Paris and Berlin, combined.