Email Automation Is a Major Ecommerce Revenue Booster

– “Open rates for automated messages saw a 76.25% increase year-over-year.
– Automated messages drew a 21.24% click rate, a 15.37% year-over-year lift.
– Promotional campaign (traditional scheduled messages) conversion rates increased 5.37%, an 88% year-over-year increase.
– The conversion rate of automated lifecycle messages increased to 22.39%, a 63% year-over-year lift and a 335% increase over promotional campaigns.”

AI Should Change What You Do — Not Just How You Do It

  • “How do you reimagine what you do for a new era of AI-powered competition?
  • Machines are handling more work, but arguably without a high level of automation, UBS employees would find it hard to get their jobs done. The firm now has more than 2,000 software bots operating across the business, growing steadily
  • Marcus (Goldman Sachs) has been able to leverage a technology stack based on API microservices architecture to build distribution partnerships with Apple, Amazon, JetBlue, and Intuit.
  • In the first 6 months of 2020, his tech-teams have clocked over 45,000 training hours, with 50,000 courses available.”

Arthur Debat/Getty Images

Back-To-School Season Spurs Increase In Global ECommerce Transactions, According To Latest ACI Worldwide Data

  • “New data from ACI Worldwide shows global eCommerce transactions increased by 24 percent in August 2020 compared to August 2019.
  • The gaming sector continued to see significant growth in August (109%) compared to July (52%), driven by new game releases as well as stay-at-home restrictions that are forcing consumers to find indoor entertainment.”

Back-to-School Season Spurs Increase in Global eCommerce Transactions, According to Latest ACI Worldwide Data

Google’s Vision for the Future of Bank Marketing, AI, Data and Brand

  • “Even the most ardent digital marketing proponent might be startled by the prediction that 100% of advertising will be online and automated by 2025.
  • First, about 65% of the ads in 2025 will be online ads. Second, the other 35% will also be digital, but not online.
  • ‘Maximizing cash flow is very different than maximizing ROI,” Darveau-Garneau states. “The best advice I can give you in your performance marketing strategy is to build a dashboard that motivates your marketing teams to maximize profitability, as opposed to efficiency.’”

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau, Chief Evangelist at Google.