CEO Satya Nadella’s decision to name Microsoft’s first-ever chief scientific officer shows how AI is key to his master plan to finding the next big market

“Microsoft recently appointed its first-ever chief scientific officer – the latest title to join CEO Satya Nadella’s C-suite.

The company promoted Eric Horvitz – a longtime technical fellow and Microsoft Research director – to the role, where he’ll be charged with advising company leaders on scientific matters including “critical areas” such as artificial intelligence.”

Microsoft Could Soon Launch AI-Assisted Feature Outlook Spaces

“Microsoft is working on a new feature called “Outlook Spaces” that would allow users to organise emails, meetings, calendar appointments, to-do lists, notes and documents into easy-to-follow project areas. With the “Spaces’ feature, users can also include any relevant links and more at one single place, thus improving productivity at work. “Outlook Spaces” will also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist consumers, MSPoweruser reported on Sunday.”

Why AI As A Service Will Take Off In 2020

  • “That’s what AI as a service is all about: making new technology accessible across the board, whether a company is big, small, tech-advanced, or on a budget.
  • SMBs require it. AI as a service allows for advanced infrastructure at minimal cost. This is exactly what small and mid-sized businesses around the world need right now to compete against tech giants. AI as a service, in a way, is their only hope.”

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6 AI features Microsoft added to Office in 2019

“Outlook – Last week, when we talked to Cortana lead Andrew Shuman, he was really excited about Outlook’s various Cortana integrations. Shuman frequently “triages” his own email with Cortana.

Excel – Excel supports natural language queries, meaning you can ask a question about your data and get quick answers without writing a formula. Using AI, Excel will quickly answer data questions using formulas, charts, or pivot tables.”

Microsoft president Brad Smith predicts AI will be as transformative to society as the combustion engine over the next 3 decades

“[The combustion engine] led to the car and the airplane; it led to the truck and the tractor; it changed every part of every economy. I think it’s fair to say that over the next three decades – from now to 2050 – AI is likely to play a similar role in the global economy.”