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Mobile World Congress Kicks Off in Barcelona with 5G at the Forefront


AI delivers “actionable intelligence” for the greater good

  • “MWC19: Technology executives have called for the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI), with Facebook and Alibaba pointing to the potential positive social impact that is promised by AI.
  • With 2.7 billion active users, Facebook has faced scrutiny as a technology platform, a publishers and a proprietor of its users data with eight data centres it employs more than 250 staff that specialise in AI.”

Robots equipped with facial and voice recognition at MWC19

  • “Smart Service Robot from New Era AI Robotic is an Android device focused on customer service. It is designed to welcome and provide information to customers of commercial establishments like, shops or public administration offices.
  • Meanwhile, Robotelf Technologies is introducing the latest version of Robelf, a home security robot. Incorporating surveillance guards and voice, vision and position sensors, its facial recognition technology allows it to detect the presence of strangers inside the home. It can then provide status alerts in real-time to the home owner’s mobile phone.
  • Developed by Nuwa Robotics, Kebbi combines robotics and artificial intelligence. The maker claims its most significant characteristic is the ability to understand body language or teach English or other subjects like programming. The device is able to recognise the face and voice of each member of the family allowing it to receive orders.”

#MWC19: AI requires innovation, values, and trust

  • “During an MWC keynote, a range of experts and policymakers explained the keywords they believe are behind ensuring responsible AI deployments.
  • “With the combination of AI, automation, blockchain, 5G… we’re at a time when there’s a convergence coming together at scale for one of those moments which changes how business gets done,” he says.
  • ‘AI is not only dynamising economies and facilitating lives,’ says Gurria. ‘It’s also helping people make better predictions and better decisions; whether it’s the shop floor manager or a doctor in the operating room.'”

#MWC19 and AI

Well, it’s that time of year….

Mobile World Congress 2019 has officially begun and AI is likely going to be on prominent display. Check back nightly and I’ll share all of the latest and greatest news on artificial intelligence.

IBM Explores A.I. at Mobile World Congress

“The biggest names in tech are descending on Barcelona this week as Mobile World Congress kicks off. Jesus Mantas, Managing Partner and General Manager of IBM Global Business Services, tells Cheddar how IBM is highlighting artificial intelligence, innovation, and more at this week’s conference.”

The Future of AI at MWC19

“Products underpinned by AI and machine learning technology made a big splash in 2018 – from humanoid robots and VPA’s, to intelligent cameras and autonomous vehicles. Check out some of the companies bringing AI innovation to the show floor next year.”