“‘The Hamiltonian is really the ‘special sauce’ that gives neural networks the ability to learn order and chaos,’ says corresponding author John Lindner, a visiting researcher at North Carolina State University’s Nonlinear Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (NAIL) and professor of physics at the College of Wooster.

‘With the Hamiltonian, the neural network understands underlying dynamics in a way that a conventional network cannot. This is a first step toward physics-savvy neural networks that could help us solve hard problems.’”

‘Special sauce’ gets AI to cope with chaos

The Age of AI – How Far is Too Far?

“Can A.I. make music? Can it feel excitement and fear? Is it alive? Will.i.am and Mark Sagar push the limits of what a machine can do. How far is too far, and how much further can we go?

The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artifial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world.”

A sobering message about the future at AI’s biggest party

  • “More than 13,000 artificial intelligence mavens flocked to Vancouver this week for the world’s leading academic AI conference, NeurIPS.
  • “All of the models that we have learned how to train are about passing a test or winning a game with a score, [but] so many things that intelligences do aren’t covered by that rubric at all,” said Aguera y Arcas.
  • emerging field called metalearning concerned with crafting learning algorithms that can devise their own learning algorithms.”



Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

“Deep Learning, on the other hand, is a very young field of Artificial Intelligence that is powered by artificial neural networks.

It can be viewed again as a subfield of Machine Learning since Deep Learning algorithms also require data in order to learn to solve tasks. Although methods of Deep Learning are able to perform the same tasks as classic Machine Learning algorithms, it is not the other way round.

Artificial neural networks have unique capabilities that enable Deep Learning models to solve tasks that Machine Learning models could never solve”


Amazon has an AI vision and Rajeev Rastogi is shaping it

“Rastogi is the director of machine learning at Amazon India and has been ranked among one of the top 10 data scientists in India. The e-commerce giant is looking at putting artificial intelligence and ML at the heart of everything it does. According to Rastogi, the problems that AI and ML need to spar within India are very different from the Amazon universe in the rest of the world, especially because the data available is not of high quality.

Rastogi had been dabbling with data even earlier – he holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Austin at Texas and more than 50 patents – and Bell Labs India was the springboard into a career of solving problems using data. Yahoo! Labs came after the Bell Labs gig before Amazon convinced to switch over.”