Small-Cap Using AI Aims to Become the ‘Uber of Recruiting’

“ does all of this through its cutting edge technology. The firm has partnered with several companies to offer artificial intelligence (AI) tools. In May, the company inked an agreement with Genesys Talent to use its MatchList technology to ‘accelerate recruiting efforts and support its network of independent recruiters.'”

Airbnb Homes CTO: There’s AI talent at community colleges, not just elite colleges

  • “‘I would hire people from that kind of nontraditional background, along with people from the top schools in the U.S., and over time, they will perform at a similar level. So I would encourage you to go and look at places other than those top schools.’
  • ‘I don’t think there’s a real reason to build anything from scratch these days,” he said. ‘One of the most interesting things about this technology is that it commoditizes inside out'”