Robotics firm brings smart fulfillment to ecommerce

“Berkshire Grey’s platform goes beyond a robot and a gripper to incorporate computer vision. The addition of machine learning enables it to evaluate past tasks and improve them if needed: If a robot picks something without a good grab, the platform can identify the problem and resolve it in real time. “Our system will let it go, reset quickly and then repick it,” Blair says.”

Announcing the final agenda for Robotics + AI — March 3 at UC Berkeley – TechCrunch

“In addition to a main stage that includes the likes of Amazon’s Tye Brady, UC Berkeley’s Stuart Russell, Anca Dragan of Waymo, Claire Delaunay of Nvidia, James Kuffner of Toyota’s TRI-AD and a surprise interview with Disney Imagineers, we’ll also be offering a more intimate Q&A stage featuring speakers from SoftBank Robotics, Samsung, Sony’s Innovation Fund, Qualcomm, Nvidia and more.”


This is an interesting post that’s somewhat counterintuitive. The robotic fulfillment center is creating jobs.

  • “Ecommerce giant Amazon has announced that it plans to open a pair of cutting-edge robotic fulfillment centres in Ohio. 
  • The launch of the fulfillment centres will create more than 2,500 full-time jobs in the area.”