Is Robot Delivery The Next Big Pizza Trend?

“In April, Domino’s unveiled its partnership with American robotics company Nuro to experiment with self-driving vehicle pizza delivery. They have launched test runs from its Woodland Heights location in Houston as part of a pilot program (per CNBC).

Piestro and Serve Robotics have collaborated on the latest robotic food service endeavor: to offer robot pizza delivery from automated pizzerias (via Restaurant Dive). Robot pizza delivery sounds like a good idea in theory following on the heels of a pandemic where contactless food service became the norm.”

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Chick-fil-A tests autonomous delivery in Austin, Texas

“Chick-fil-A, the fast food restaurant chain specializing in chicken sandwiches with a side of god, said on Tuesday that it enlisted Refraction AI to deploy a fleet of the startup’s self-driving vehicles to two of its restaurants in downtown Austin — at 6th & Congress, where the companies held initial testing, and on Martin Luther King boulevard. The commercial pilot will begin in late June, Refraction said in a statement.”

Amazon unveils ‘science fiction’ robot that can patrol homes

“Amazon is launching Astro, its first household robot, powered by its Alexa smart home technology. The company said it can be remote-controlled when not at home, to check on pets, people, or home security. It can also patrol a home automatically and send owners a notification if it detects something unusual.”

Facebook Robots Are Getting Smarter, Watch Them In The Wild (Video)

“Since it’s not possible to pre-program the infinite range of experiences that can happen in the real world, robots are learning how to adapt to the unknown by training in simulation on millions of trial and error iterations – similar to how babies learn.

‘Our goal is to bring the benefits of deep learning to robotics because the world is a variable that needs to be rapidly adapted to,’ said Jitendra Malik, director of Facebook AI Research.”