AI impact in QSR Industry

Some Sonic drive-ins are getting AI-powered menu kiosks

  • “Mastercard today announced a partnership with Zivelo, a provider of self-service kiosks, to deploy what it describes as an “ordering experience” for quick service restaurants…Sonic will test it at select U.S. locations later this year.
  • ‘We see facets of our brand, our restaurants, and AI technology converging in a way that makes for a special customer experience. Sonic is known for a fun environment and a full menu with extensive customization options that allows guests to personalize every meal,’ said Sonic vice president of integrated customer engagement Jon Dorch.
    • ‘Drive-thru accounts for 70% of QSR transactions, yet the experience has remained more or less untouched by innovation,’ said Zivelo CEO Healey Cypher.
    • AI-driven restaurant menus are becoming a thing, and it’s no wonder why. Revenue Analytics, a company that offers a comparable AI pricing platform, claims that dynamic pricing can result in a 4.7% revenue uplift in sectors like hospitality.”

  • Competition & Related Stories

    McDonald’s wants to become the Amazon of fast-food

    “The AI-powered software will let McDonald’s change what’s displayed on its digital menu boards based on factors including what a customer has already ordered, along with local weather and traffic conditions.”

    Microsoft teams up with Starbucks on predictive drive-thru ordering and bean-to-cup blockchain

    “Predictive drive-thru ordering: The Starbucks app already gives plenty of recommendations based order history. The company is extending that technology to the drive-thru, with digital boards that will make order recommendations.”