120 million workers will need to be retrained due to AI, says IBM study

  • “Artificial Intelligence is apparently ready to get to work. Over the next three years, as many as 120 million workers from the world’s 12 largest economies may need to be retrained because of advances in artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, according to a study released Friday by IBM’s Institute for Business Value.
  • One report earlier this year found that robots could replace humans in a quarter of US jobs by 2030.”


Through 2020, 80% of AI projects will remain alchemy, run by wizards

“Let’s examine the 2019 strategic predictions. I’ll look at the 2019 technology trends next time.

Good, Silly and Weird Predictions

On October 16, Gartner published its “top strategic predictions for 2019 and beyond.” It leads with the prediction that “AI skills don’t scale.” I love the way they describe the challenge: “through 2020, 80% of AI projects will remain alchemy, run by wizards whose talents will not scale in the organization.” This may be the most important observation-turned-prediction on the list. There’s no question there’s a shortage of AI talent. Demand is way outstripping supply, which means scalability, interoperability, standardization and best practices are in danger of atrophy. The only beneficiaries of the current shortage are the few with genuine skills and competencies whose compensation will continue to skyrocket. It’s time for everyone to invest in the education and training necessary to exploit the potential of AI, especially colleges and universities. Gartner got this one right.”