Will automation eliminate data science positions?

  • “The most important question in data science is not which machine learning algorithm to choose or even how to clean your data. It is the questions you need to ask before even one line of code is written: What data do you choose and what questions do you choose to ask of that data?
  • So while parts of core machine learning are automated (in fact, we even teach some of the ways to automate those workflows), the data munging, data cleaning and feature engineering (which comprises 90% of the real work in data science) cannot be safely automated away.”

Will automation eliminate data science positions?

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Walmart And Target Have Changed The Game For Amazon

  • “Same-day delivery is a new hot trend in retailing these days, according to a recent Elastic Path report, which finds that 75% of consumers expect, in the next 12 months, for  all brands to offer same-day delivery.
  • But at the same time, 72% expect curbside pickup in the same time frame.”


Here Are The 10 Indian Startups In Target Accelerator’s 7th Cohort

  • “US-based retail giant Target has announced the seventh cohort of the ‘Target Accelerator Program’ in India.
  • To date, 36 startups have graduated from the programme and have worked with Target teams”


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