The Deep Learning Framework Backed By Facebook Is Getting Industry’s Attention

Neural NetworksSOURCE: PIXABAY

“When it comes to deep learning frameworks, TensorFlow is one of the most preferred toolkits. However, one framework that is fast becoming the favorite of developers and data scientists is PyTorch.

PyTorch is an open source project from Facebook which is used extensively within the company.

PyTorch focuses on simplicity and accessibility. It can be used by a diverse set of users ranging from researchers to academicians to a developer. PyTorch uses a technique known as dynamic computation that makes it easy to train neural networks. TensorFlow is based on static computation that executes the code only after the graph of operations is generated.”

Google AI Hub aims to accelerate artificial intelligence project development in enterprises

“Google debuts AI Hub to help enterprises get their artificial intelligence projects off the ground faster, as its bid to make the technology accessible to everyone gathers pace

The blog post further reveals that Google now has more than 15,000 organisations paying to use its machine learning services across a range of industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce and healthcare.

“Our goal is to put AI in reach of all businesses, but doing that means lowering the barriers to entry. That’s why we build all our AI offerings with three ideas in mind: make them simple, so more enterprises can adopt them; make them useful to the widest range of organisations; and make them fast, so businesses can iterate and succeed more quickly,” said Mehanna.”