People trust ads that talk about values, not products, finds Nielsen

  • “It found that consumers are most interested in seeing humor- (49%), family- (47%) and value-orientated adverts (43%) over celebrity or athlete-endorsed products and car products, which scored lowest in terms of trust with 20% and 22% respectively.
  • Value-oriented ads jumped up 10% from Nielsen’s last ‘Global Trust in Advertising’ report, which was published in 2015.
  • The research also ranks trust on channels, with word of mouth topping the list with 89%, followed by brand websites at 84%, brand partnerships ranked third at 81% and TV at 78%.”

What would make you trust a robot?

  • “AAA’s annual automated vehicle survey from March 2019 found that 71 percent of people are “afraid” to ride in fully self-driving vehicles
  • Scientists are trying to get people to trust A.I robots more. How? By having them explain themselves.
  • “In the past, robotics wasn’t closely tied to psychology. This is changing,” says Dr. Hongjing Lu, a professor in the department of psychology and statistics at UCLA…’Trust is a central component of humans and robots working together.'”

Using an AI Trust Index Stalled Machine Learning & AI Projects

  • “According to a recent survey by Dimensional Research, nearly eight out of 10 enterprise organizations currently engaged in AI and ML report that projects have stalled due to issues of data quality and model confidence. 
  • An AI Trust Index is a FICO-like score for algorithmic vulnerability and risk based on five major AI business risks — bias, explainability, robustness, compliance and data privacy.
  • Much as FICO accelerated risk rating has transformed the financial services industry, AI Trust Index will help accelerate development of Trusted AI systems that are free from bias, transparent in their operations, and are able to reflect the core values and policies of the business.”

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