Indy 500 attendees can shop and go at autonomous pop-up

  • “A computer vision-enabled ‘NanoStore’ is speeding up the process of purchasing snacks, beverages and merchandise at this year’s Indianapolis 500 auto race.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-based autonomous technology provider AiFi is partnering with Verizon Business and Penske Entertainment to operate a customizable, portable “NanoStore” at the 2021 Indianapolis 500.
  • The currently open pop-up store uses AiFi computer vision technology and the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network to offer a ‘just walk out’ shopping experience.”

The Amazing Things 5G Won’t Do – Super Bowl 2020 | 5G Built Right | Verizon

“Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is going to change a lot of things. Luckily for all us, it will never change the courage and compassion of our first responders. Join them and give back to your community by volunteering at:

Featuring “River Cross” from the new Pearl Jam album, Gigaton, out March 27. Pre-order now at:”

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and the future of finance

  • “According to some estimates, global fintech investment reached $27.4 billion in 2017, with the value of deals in the U.S. rising 31% from the previous year.
  • According to a 2018 survey by a major financial institution, apps for mobile banking are among the top three used by Americans.
  • For the nearly 50% of the planet estimated to be unbanked or underbanked, institutions may be able to use 5G to set up secure micro branches”