Here’s what you didn’t know about Amazon’s Echo Frames

“Amazon announced a heap of devices this week, including five new Echo smart speakers, more Ring smart home security and new Alexa commands. But the new Echo Frames smart glasses ($180) and Echo Loop smart ring ($130) were the two that stole headlines. 

These wearable devices put Amazon’s digital Alexa assistant on your body in a way that’s different than the more expected earbuds route (though there are new Echo Buds, too, for $130 or £120). By bringing Alexa to your face and your hand, Amazon might be trying to get more personal with the little voice in the device.”

Voice and Speech Recognition in Banking – What’s Possible Today

Header image credit: Total Voice Technologies

“When the speech recognition systems are faced with a question that appears challenging for the algorithm to process and understand, it seems to be better to suggest a probable answer rather than sending an error message in order to help customers continue to use the service.”

The Conversational AI Summit at Transform: Learn why it’s the most important AI tech right now

“The Summit is important because conversational AI isn’t an overhyped future possibility, but rather a technology you should be investing in today to help drive your business forward,” says Ryan Lester, senior director of customer experience technologies at LogMeIn.”

Transform 2019, July 10 & 11

VentureBeat will be co-hosting the Conversational AI Summit

All you need to control your Mac or iOS device is your voice

  • “Accessibility has become a popular avenue for tech companies lately, and today Apple revealed its latest push: Voice Control.
  • With macOS Catalina and iOS 13, you’ll be able to control your devices completely with your voice.
  • Most importantly, the company says your voice is processed on the device. Nothing is sent to, or stored by, Apple.”