IBM Was Once King of AI. CEO Arvind Krishna Is Trying to Reclaim That Title

– “Artificial intelligence is the only technique that we know that can harness and harvest all of the data that’s being produced. We know there is incredible value in all of it. Without AI, you might be able to get to 1% of it. Winning Jeopardy was really a milestone. It really put AI on the map. [But] it’s no longer a lab toy. It’s no longer in the domain of a couple of smart professors at MIT, or Stanford or Berkeley. It is something that could do something in the real world.

– Artificial intelligence is a technique whereby you learn from observed data. So, think of the simplest example: how humans do pattern matching. And by the way, AI is nowhere near as good as a 9-month-old human baby. You show them a dog three times, the fourth time they’ll say dog. In AI, maybe if you show it a million photographs of a dog, the million and one time it would say that’s the dog.”

IBM Think 2021 kicks off with AI innovations and some interesting quantum news

  • “AutoSQL and Cloud Pak for Data: IBM’s touting a breakthrough in cloud-based database management. Basically, where businesses serve up answers to customer queries using cloud-managed AI databases, this will significantly speed things up.
  • According to IBM, the new system gives answers to distributed queries “as much as 8x faster than previously and at nearly half the cost of other compared data warehouses.”
  • Watson Orchestrate: The “no code” AI paradigm is picking up steam and this is a great example of how that can be useful. Orchestrate is an AI system designed to augment workflows for individuals.”

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

  • “It’s been an amazing year for AI, as we’ve seen it accelerate with the pandemic. We’ve seen adoption in businesses go from 4% to 14%. Now I would say we’re pushing 20%.
  • AI is starting to change the way that business is done. I would say the number one lesson we have learned is there is no AI without IA, meaning Information Architecture. You have to have data in order to do AI. So a lot of these projects become about how we help businesses understand their data and make their data ready for AI.”

HSBC launches AI-powered equity index family

“AiPEX harnesses the power of IBM Watson and EquBot’s AI to ingest and learn from the vast amounts of publicly available and continuously generated data points. These points could include company announcements, tweets, a satellite image of a store parking lot, or even the tone of language a CEO uses during an earnings presentation.”

IBM Offers “Watson Assistant for Citizens” to Provide Responses to COVID-19 Questions

“NEW YORK: County of Otsego – COVID-19-related information will be available within the next few days for citizens to help them quickly get their health and non-health related questions answered regarding the pandemic. Otsego County’s COVID-19 virtual agent will be able to answer citizen’s questions like: “How do I apply for unemployment?”

TEXAS: City of Austin – COVID-19-related information will soon be available for citizens with interactive conversation on where to get testing and other information.”