AI Vendor Research: Sentient

I’ve begun to research different AI vendors and I thought I’d share my findings.

Vendor: Sentient
Offices: San Francisco & Hong Kong
Key Products:
1) Sentient Aware – Uses artificial intelligence to power an entirely new relationship between you and your customers. Understanding your product catalog at a deep and uncanny level, using both visual and data signals, Aware analyzes user actions in real time and matches their intent against your catalog.
2) Sentient Ascend – Is a conversion rate optimization solution that uses evolutionary algorithms to accelerate your testing 10-100X or more, finding winning designs faster.
Articles about Sentient:
Articles written by Sentient:
9 Predictions for AI in 2017by Babak Hodjat, Co-founder and chief scientist, Sentient Technologies
How AI is Transforming Retail for the Better by Andy Narayanan, Vice President of Intelligent Commerce, Sentient Technologies
ANTOINE BLONDEAU, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn Profile

BABAK HODJAT, Co-founder and Chief Scientist LinkedIn Profile

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