AI Vendor Research: LiftIgniter

Vendor: LiftIgniter
Headquarters: San Francisco
Key Product:
LiftIgniter – personalizes the products each user sees at each point in time. Higher conversion on every click and view. Stop wasting your site space. Make your recommendations areas efficient with e-commerce personalization so each buyer finds what they want at the exact moment they are ready to purchase.
Articles about LiftIgniter:
Indraneel Mukherjee, Founder & Ceo LinkedIn Profile
Adam Spector, Co-Founder & Head Of Business LinkedIn Profile

“Spector’s pitch to potential clients is intended to underline the simplicity of his approach to AI: Liftigniter’s platform can be implemented with just four lines of Javascript, and the only settings to chose from are which metric a company wants to optimize: click-through rates, engagement, or conversion.” You Can Harness AI for Your Website, Too / 11-9-16

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