45 Artifical Intelligence Startups Targeting Retail In One Infographic (CB Insights)

I discovered this infographic and wanted to share. It was published by CB Insights. Here’s a snippet…you can read the full article 45 Artifical Intelligence Startups Targeting Retail

While there are numerous other AI startups focused broadly on personalized marketing and ad targeting, we limited this market map to startups whose core focus is retail and e-commerce. The startups in this graphic have raised roughly $650M in total disclosed equity financing. Scroll down to view the graphic, category explanations, and a full company list with select investors.”

AI Vendor Research: NeoWize

Vendor: NeoWize

Headquarters: Israel
Key Products:
NeoWize Personalizationautomatically adapt your store to match every visitor’s interests
NeoWize Business Intelligencehelps you access this data and transform it into meaning and actionable insights.
NeoWize Insights & Analyticsgives you both the data you need, and the actionable insights that help you improve your site.
Articles about NeoWize:
Clients: Medi-link, Brillianteers, Mozaik
Omer Nevo: Co-Founder & CEO – LinkedIn Profile
Yoav Cafri: Co-Founder & CMO – LinkedIn Profile
Ronen Ness: Co-Founder & CTO – LinkedIn Profile
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Gartner: 5 Technology Shifts including Mobile & AI

This is a really interesting paper from Gartner on 5 technology shifts that they anticipate by 2020. Here are a couple of my favorite points.
– 20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps by 2019
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Virtual agents will participate in a majority of commercial interactions by 2020

This link will take you to the full PDF Predicts 2017: Marketers, Expect the Unexpected