AI Vendor Research: Likelihood

Vendor: Likelihood
Headquarters: San Francisco
Key Product: Intelligent Creative
“Step 1) Design Creative – Our web-based designer lets you add graphic elements from scratch, lay them out on a custom canvas, and then style them by hand or with help from our artificial intelligence tools.”
“Step 2) Make it Dynamic – Likelihood’s AI-powered platform lets you connect elements of your creative to any data source — like a product catalog or digital asset management system — to make each creative impression relevant to the shopper viewing it.”
“Step 3) Publish Creative – Wherever you publish a static image today, you can easily publish an intelligent creative there tomorrow.”
Articles about Likelihood:
Clients: The site doesn’t explicitly say that these companies are clients, but their content is on display on their “Gallery” page. It’s either a very impressive customer list or a little misleading.
Companies include: Ann Taylor, Crate & Barrel, Staples, Home Depot, Sunglass Hut, Macys, Saks Fifth Avenue
I’ll give Garrett and Rob points for humility. On the company site their pictures are on the third row with titles simply listed as “Technology” and “Business.” It took a little work digging on LinkedIn to determine the c-suite.
Garrett Wu, CTO & Founder, LinkedInProfile
Rob Seaman, CEO, LinkedInProfile

Leveraging AI to streamline, simplify and automate the development of creative.

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