AI Vendor Research: cloud.IQ

Vendor: cloud.IQ
Headquarters: London with an office in Sydney, Australia
Key Product:
They don’t appear to have a single primary product. Instead, they promote solutions for:
Site Analytics: siteAnalyser
On-site Remarketing: visitCapture, exitCapture, basketReminder
Off-site Remarketing: targetMail, cartRecovery
Optimisation: AnalyticsIQ, A/B Testing, Basket Rebuild, App Integration
Articles about cloud.IQ:
Articles by cloud.IQ:
Recommendations from: Space.NK, Fitness SuperStore, Qbic Hotels
Clients Listed: Samsung, Hearst Magazines, BOSE, more
James Critchley, CEO LinkedIn Profile
Paul Phillips, CTO LinkedIn Profile
Within the Insights page of their site cloud.IQ shares the impact numbers that they have been able to generate for their clients:
Fitness Superstore = Online revenue +5.05%
Snow + Rock = Recovered 13% lost sales
Qbic = Online revenue +12.27%

Alpine Elements = Online revenue +4%

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