AI Vendor Research: Apptus

Vendor: Apptus
Headquarters: Sweden, London and Germany

Key Product: Apptus eSales
Search – Tailored results: Autocomplete, Did you Mean, Suggestions
Navigation – Relevant sorting/products, product list sorting
Recommendations – Product, customer, top sellers, shopping cart recommendation or abandon
Content – Automatically test promotional content

Articles about Apptus:

Articles by Apptus:

Apptus has a very robust customer list along with related case studies. Visit their Customer page at this link.

Patrik Wåhlin, Co-Founder & Board Member, LinkedIn Profile
Michael Mokhberi, CEO and Co-Founder, Linkedin Profile

Focused on automated merchandising. Display the right products in the right context at the right time – to deliver more sales and more margin, fast.

Note: When you begin to research for news about the company, it’s important to realize that there are two companies with very similar names. Be sure you’re differentiating between “Apptus” and “Apttus”.

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