ai eCommerce News – Sept 27

“Ajay Kashyap, co-founder, told ET, “The engagement revenue has increased by 40% in terms of topline impact with the new version of our product and we will be working on taking this upto 60% soon.” Over the course of this year, will also look at expanding operations to one more country – it is in the process of finalizing which one—and add more features to its existing product.”
“More retailers are turning to artificial intelligence to help shoppers find clothes that fit their bodies, budgets, and personal styles. As one of today’s hottest technology trends, AI translates vast volumes of retail data into rich, actionable insights so executives can make smart decisions faster.
Whether a shopper’s look is casual chic, vintage-inspired, or haute couture, AI lets them perform easy product searches to find exactly what they’re looking for. For example, AI can help individual shoppers find the perfect pair of jeans by tracking their sales history, online browsing, and Instagram likes to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Here are seven examples of how AI innovations make life easier for fashion companies and fashionistas alike.”

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