ai eCommerce News – Oct 3

“Stradigi Labs will be led by lab co-founder and chief science officer Carolina Bessega, who has over 20 years of experience working in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, data augmentation, and neural networks. Bessega tells BetaKit that she had been working on neural networks in 2002 at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.
The lab will work in two ways: it will support early-stage companies with access to its venture arm, industry advisors, and space to build out a scalable company; or it will incubate its own ideas in-house, working with advisors to identify problems. Once an idea has reached maturity, Stradigi decides whether to spin it off into its own company or find business licensing opportunities.”
“It’s not clear exactly what Amazon intends to do with Body Labs but there are plenty of potential use-cases that mesh with and could extend its existing business interests if the startup has the tech chops to deliver accurate 3D body models at scale.
For example, as well as selling other brands’ clothes via its ecommerce marketplace, Amazon has been ramping up its own fashion business in recent years, expanding and growing its private label fashion brands.
Being able to offer custom fit could give Amazon’s private label fashion brands an edge, even as improving sizing predictions generally for Amazon shoppers could help drive clothes shopping across its platform and help shrink returns from clothes that don’t fit.”
“Malicious hackers and security breaches that have exposed personal information of millions of people have pushed the issue of online security into the spotlight, not just for individuals but for organizations that do business with them. Now a company called Onfido, which has built a way to help websites verify people’s identities using a photo-based identity document, a selfie and artificial intelligence algorithms, has raised $30 million to seize the opportunity.”

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