AI Perspectives – "Have" vs "Have-Not"

“Amplero, a Seattle-based, artificial intelligence marketing technology provider, decided to find out. It commissioned Forrester to conduct a study on attitudes about the use of AI in marketing. Forrester polled 150 North American technology decision makers working at B2C companies.
It turns out the have-nots have a better view of AI than the haves.
For example: 64% of the have-nots believe it can help them identify their target audience. Only 37% think that. Similarly, 63% of the have-nots are convinced that AI can help drive marketing personalization. Only 44% of the presumably sadder and wiser haves agree.
Here are a few more disparities:
  • 53% of the have-nots believe AI will better match campaigns/offers to the correct target. Only 24% of the haves think so.
  • 53% of the have-nots think AI can improve campaign efficiency, vs. 35% of the haves.
  • 51% of the have-nots say AI will drive revenue growth, compared with 36% of the haves.”

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