These Marketers Are Crunching Mounds of Data and Using AI to Understand the Customer Experience – AdWeek (Lauren Johnson)

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  • “Steinberg claims that the AI and data-based processes generate up to 1600 percent higher rate of returns compared to generically targeted marketing. While traditional lookalike targeting creates broad nets for targeting—like women between 16 and 50 years old—AI analyzes and matches broader sets of data such as websites, weather and location for more specific targeting.”
  • “If you have five sources of data, you end up with 25 or 50 different connections that you need to create as an engineering team,” he said. “People wanting to use machine learning to build better products or better customer experience are discovering that they really need to focus on first-party data that they’ve pulled together from their own product and their own interactions with their customers.”

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Augment Partners with Cognitive Marketing Agency AIQ to Deliver AI-driven Marketing Campaigns

  • “We plan to work hand-in-hand with big brands and retailers to educate them on what’s possible using AI, and then build practical marketing programs to leverage the shopper data that either currently goes unleveraged, or doesn’t yet exist, to drive more brand sales. Traditional tactics like shopper marketing, sampling, coupons, in-store displays, and display ads will soon be taken to new levels of ROI with the addition of AI technology. This partnership brings together the people that understand both brands and retailers with an AI platform that is flexible and customizable to their specific needs. This is a perfect team to help brands get started with AI without huge expense or long learning curve,” said Soren Mills, co-founder and CEO of AIQ.

Voice AI Company Voysis Launches Independent Commerce Platform for Retailers and Brands –

  • At an event in New York, Voysis has announced its new product, Voysis Commerce, and released the findings of a research report that shows voice commerce and search is at a major inflection point for retailers and brands.
  • 50% of retailers have mobile voice search on their roadmaps for 2018, a massive increase from sub 1% in early 2017.
  • The majority (60%) of online traffic now comes from mobile devices, but this traffic accounts for only 16% of conversions.
  • Retailers surveyed see voiceas a way of increasing conversion rates from mobile with currently 80% of items from carts abandoned.
  • A large majority of consumers (83%) believe using voice technology makes it easier to find and discover products. Even more, 89%, said voice makes searches faster.
  • Mobile voice search, which takes advantage of the natural synergy between smartphones and voice, is currently on the tech roadmap for 35% of respondents, but that will increase to 60% by the end of 2018.

How to be Competitive in eCommerce (2018) – CIO Review

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  • “Personalized Experience: The age of information overload has provided the firms with the opportunity to inform themselves about the exact desires and demands of their customers. The expectation in such an instance is that the firm will be able to create unique personalized experiences that will enhance and improve customer experience.
  • Sensory Search: With an increase in visual social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, there has been a transformation in the eCommerce industry in terms of demand for the capability of panoptic search. There’s also a surge of popularity for voice search, and firms should include both these capabilities to boost their site visit.”
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