AI Expo / Nov 29th / Santa Clara, CA

  • Day 1 of the AI event focuses on the application of artificial intelligence within organisations and will feature and conference tracks, along with the and exhibition over both days. Attendees will learn how to capitalize on AI developments and strategies whilst also taking into consideration how artificial intelligence might affect their employees.
  • Day 2 of the AI event concentrates on fuelling the customer experience using the latest tools of artificial intelligence, featuring and conference tracks. The sessions will demonstrate how to create personalised, instant interactions and how to make predictive product recommendations.

$25B for Alibaba in just one day

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Alibaba, the pre-eminent Chinese eCommerce company, has just set another new record. With their recent announcement of a $15B investment on artificial intelligence this is just the beginning.

“This year’s shopping festival entered new territory, blazing past $1 billion within two minutes of the holiday, starting at midnight on Saturday. By the end of the day, sales had hit a new record of $25.3 billion, more than 40 percent higher than sales on Singles Day 2016.”

DVF – AI Driving 400% Higher Conversion

Check out this article on to see how Diane von Furstenberg is utilizing AI to drive eCommerce conversion improvement on mobile through improved personalization. Save this data point for your next business case.

“The conversion rate for mobile shoppers that engage with the AI tool is 4.3 percent. That rate may not sound amazing, but according to Araujo, that is about 400 percent higher than mobile conversions for shoppers who don’t interact with it.”

AI eCommerce News – Nov 9th

  • “Web traffic on smartphones and tablets will, for the first time, surpass desktop (at 54 percent and 46 percent respectively).
  • Mericle’s points about creating “easy shopping experiences” and “providing a seamless customer journey” are especially important in the ecommerce space, where more and more retailers are leveraging AI-powered customer engagement platforms to create individualized digital shopping experiences.”

  • “Away from kitting the CEO, Adidas used Dreamforce to launch a new AI-enabled shopping app designed to offer a personalized experience for consumers, based on their individual style and buying patterns. To pay for items, customers can tap-to-buy, using a credit card or digitally via Apple Pay or Android Pay.
  • Once a purchase has been made, the customer can track their order, and chat with customer services regarding it. Such chats will intially be with a human being, but within a few months, Adidas will introduce chat bots to handle simple queries, with human intervention only when things get more complicated to deal with.
  • From Adidas perspective, the important thing is that the app’s AI capabilities will learn as it goes. From interaction with a consumer, the app will pick up more and more data about what he or she likes and doesn’t like and start to make recommendations, encouraging upsell opportunities.
  • With the power of the Service Platform and Einstein built in, when you talk to those agents, they’re smarter and more productive than ever before. Einstein bots are transforming the world of service. They are the ultimate helper. Using Salesforce Einstein bots to power their service interactions, Adidas is able to do everything. It is able to handle all those repetitive tasks, those actions, whether you want to make a return, or you want to exchange something.”

  • “AI can predict customer behaviour better than human. It allows companies to create a more personalized experience for customers and better engagement for sellers.
  • Many artificial intelligence systems enable natural language learning and voice input. That means that CRM system can answer to customer queries or solve their problems.
  • AI is going to play a large role in the sales process, through the entire sales process and buyer’s journey.”

  • “Join us on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 2 pm EST/11 am PST for “The Rise of the AI-Empowered Marketer: Engaging Smarter to Grow Revenue,” a free live webinar, where we’ll explore what you need to know about AI for marketing success.”

  • “Research firm, Forrester, predicts that online sales will skyrocket to $459 billion in 2017, totaling 12.9 percent of retail sales.
  • The vast majority of merchants, however, spend a significant portion of their time just trying to figure out how to compete with Amazon. Understandably so, considering that the retail behemoth is poised to garner nearly half of all online sales this year.
  • In an effort to contend, many retailers are trying to set themselves apart by creating deeply personal and highly curated experiences online. Most of these are powered by AI technology.”

  • “Go to any industry conference, blog, meet up, or even just read the popular press, and you will hear and see topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics everywhere.
  • Because many of us don’t come from a technical/statistical background, this can be both a little confusing and intimidating.
  • But don’t sweat it, in this post, I will try to clear up a some of this confusion by introducing a simple, yet powerful framework – the intelligent agent – which will help link these new ideas with familiar tools and concepts like A/B Testing and Optimization.”

ai eCommerce News – Nov 1

  • “These robots can greatly improve Walmart’s inventory management and overall efficiency. The robots can scan aisles three times as fast and much more accurately than an average Walmart employee, Jeremy King, chief talent officer for Walmart US and e-commerce, told Reuters. Additionally, employees only have the chance to check aisles approximately twice a week; although it’s unknown how often or when these robots will be roaming the aisles, it’s likely to be on a more regular basis. All of these improvements will keep Walmart’s aisles better stocked and free up employees to help customers, creating a better shopping experience while making its operations more efficient.”

  • “SLI Systems (SLI.NZ), a global leader and provider of e-commerce solutions and services, announced that Restaurantware has increased its conversion rate to more than 5%, up from 2%, since the company began using SLI Systems in May 2017.
  • ‘Our website search function was terrible. No one, including myself, could find the products they were looking for. Users were consistently getting irrelevant search results or results were delivered in an incomplete manner,’ explained Jamil Bouchareb, CEO, Restaurantware. ‘We interviewed other retailers and found SLI was considered the best search solution. SLI has an excellent professional services team, who knew exactly what we needed, which made implementation go smoothly and swiftly.'”

  • “BOOST Technology’s supervised AI/machine learning also includes an ensemble classifier with 250 models, generating a Safety Rating that indicates the legitimacy of a transaction relative to all total transactions pa
    ssed through Kount. The models are designed to identify unique signatures of fraud, as merchants’ decisions, past transactions and various fraud patterns emerge. This functionality adds zero time to the transaction review process, maintaining Kount’s current response time of roughly 250 milliseconds.”

  • – “ records, transcribes and provides a summary of sales meetings in real-time, providing actionable follow-up insights for sales teams and training insights for new hires. The product automatically identifies discussion of important topics and provides meeting performance metrics. Based in San Francisco with R&D in Tel Aviv, Chorus was founded in 2015.”
  • CommonSense Robotics – “Tel Aviv-based CommonSense Robotics uses AI and robotics to enable retailers of all sizes to offer one-hour delivery and make on-demand fulfillment scalable and profitable. Automating and streamlining the process of fulfillment and distribution will allow retailers to merge the convenience of online purchasing with the immediacy of in-store shopping.”

  • Embrace AI, AR and VR.  – “As Sunyyan Junaid, marketing strategist at Magenticians, told me, ‘AI, AR and VR are going to disrupt every industry in the coming years, but ecommerce is going to benefit the most from these fast-evolving technologies. As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on adapting these technologies into viable business processes that enhance the user experience of ecommerce stores.'”

  • “Reflektion is an AI-driven customer engagement platform founded in 2012 by ex-Google pioneers in deep learning. Its platform understands and influences the intent of each customer in real-time and instantly delivers the most individually relevant content across the touchpoints that matter most—including Web, site search, merchandising and email. Leading retail brands such as TOMS, Ann Taylor, Sur La Table, Godiva and Destination XL rely on Reflektion’s AI solutions to combine individual shopper insights, product intelligence and deep learning to create impactful
    ecommerce experiences that translate to double-digit increases in key metrics such as conversion rate and average order value.”