2018 "Spotlight Award" Winners

Today we would like to formally announce the list of vendors that we’re recognizing with a “Spotlight Award” in 2018. Each of these vendors has stood out among their peers during our research over the previous year. We’ll be closely monitoring and reporting on their performance and growth in the coming year. Congratulations!!

Company URL
Reflektion http://reflektion.com
BoomTrain https://boomtrain.com
Cloud-iq http://www.cloud-iq.com
Neowize http://www.neowize.com
LiftIgniter https://www.liftigniter.com
WACUL https://wacul-ai.com/en/
Sentient https://www.sentient.ai
Apptus http://www.apptus.com
Cognitive Scale https://www.cognitivescale.com
Choice.ai https://choice.ai
Albert.ai https://albert.ai
Scaled Inference https://www.scaledinference.com/index.html
Staqu http://www.staqu.com
Visenze https://www.visenze.com
Twiggle http://www.twiggle.com
Bloomreach https://www.bloomreach.com/en
Infinite Analytics http://infiniteanalytics.com
Layer6.ai https://layer6.ai
Msg.ai http://msg.ai/#home
WEVO https://www.wevoconversion.com
Emarsys https://www.emarsys.com/en/
Wylei http://wylei.com
Granify https://www.granify.com
Reactful https://www.reactful.com
Couture.ai http://www.couture.ai
Klevu https://www.klevu.com

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