AI-related investments will grow by about 300 percent

“According to Martechtoday, Ocado reportedly planned to spend £175 million ($232 million) for its robotics and automation system this year, Amazon committed $5 billion in its tech investments in India alone, and Alibaba is looking into pouring $15 billion into research and development spending over the next three years. Forrester Research (PDF) predicts that AI-related investments will grow by about 300 percent in 2017, with businesses becoming more competitive by 2020 and gaining $1.2 trillion per year.”

“According to Techemergence, after implementing this new initiative, a number of online orders reached 1.26 billion in 2015 (double the amount of orders in 2014) and approximately 85 percent of those orders were delivered within two days.”


“It’s customer service chatbot processeses 95 percent of customer inquiries, both written and spoken ones, and it is very powerful now.”


“Right now, with their Rakuten Institute of Technology, they are able to analyze their 200 million products to forecast sales with a high degree of accuracy.”

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