Spend of $1 trillion by 2021

“The cybersecurity market is now worth $120 billion, according to 2018 research, a roughly 13,500 percent increase compared to a decade earlier. What’s more, spending is expected to increase to $1 trillion by 2021 as companies invest in emerging prevention solutions. In fact, more are already turning to artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning and other technologies to strengthen their cybercrime defenses.

These technologies seem to hold promise in the fight against fraud, too, thanks to their ability to track and interpret massive amounts of data. This information can then be used to better understand what separates normal consumer behavior from that of bad actors, improving defenses, reducing false positives and giving consumers more convenient and secure online experiences.”


Forbes: The Impact Of 3,000 Amazon ‘Go’ Stores Will Be Massive

“Several days ago, Bloomberg reported that Amazon is considering opening up 3,000 Amazon Go convenience stores by 2021. If you’re not familiar with Amazon Go, here’s how it works: you download an app to your smartphone, hold the app over a scanner when you enter the Amazon Go store and that’s it — anything you buy will be charged to your account, you never go to a register to check out. If you pick something up and put it back you’re not charged. I have been to the store and it works well. Amazon Go is to convenience stores what Uber is to taxis, you leave without having to take any time to pay.”


40% to 45% Savings from AI-enabled translation services

“Christian Arno, founder and president of Edinburgh-based Lingo24, said that the use of AI was also reducing the time it takes to get products to market by 75%.”

“Arno points to the time and costs savings made for clients when it comes to creating product catalogues. A typical catalogue might contain 50,000 products, with around 10% of them being replaced each year.

With 100 words of description for each product and ten languages into which the document needs to be translated, the cost of traditional translation work using no technology can soon stack up to several hundreds of thousands. Clients that opt for AI-enabled translation services are typically saving between 40% and 45%, a potential annual benefit of more than £300,000, the company said in a statement.”