DXwand Sales Robot

Sales Chatbot

Simple and Powerful 24/7 Seller

All you need to do to connect DXwand app to your store is authorize it in your Facebook page, and then set a few options for your sales strategy and that is it. You will have a 24/7 seller at your finger tips!


  • Products Search: The app is using artificial intelligence to understand your customer’s intent during chat, looking for a product/variation or following up on an order, then responds with best match from your products catalog. 
  • Sales agent: The app will be selling to your customers during the chat with your products catalog, price list, product pictures, promotions and variations. 
  • Orders: The app will capture order details during chat that includes customer contacts, order delivery address on the Map and send the order to your store checkout. You can easily at any time view all chat orders and their delivery address from the app.
  • Chat Notifications: The app automatically sends chat notifications to customers when you update their order fulfillment from your store’s admin. 
  • Chat Channels: The app supports only Facebook Messenger at this release. Kindly check out the road map section below for other channels we will support in near future. 
  • Chat Menu: The app has chat default menu pops up at beginning of every chat. You can use this menu to add featured products/collections, a website link or “Call Us” button. 
  • Chat History: The app stores all customer chat history and displays it on a user friendly timeline view. 
  • Support: 8/5 Support on chat and email. 

Roadmap (November 2018)

  • Marketing Broadcast: The app will detect customers’ behaviors in chat conversations to profile them and then broadcast a personalized offering to every reachable user. 
  • Leads Generation : The app will monitor your Facebook page’s likes and comments on a post of your choice. Then, it will automatically respond to those comments with a fully loaded sales pitch that you design to capture those leads and gain their interest in your products.
  • Chat Insights: A set of dashboards revealing your customers’ behaviors, complaints, wish list, products in demand, leads and opportunities.
  • New Chat Channels: The app will support website chat for Shopify customers as well as WhatsApp, SMS and Instagram. 
  • Customer Profile: Dashboard showing customer recent chat orders, chats messages, contacts, preferred products and complaints.

Integrates with

  • Facebook,
  • Google Maps


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