How to Develop an AI Center of Excellence

“Here are the steps you should follow to build out an AI center of excellence and begin to strengthen your brand’s AI muscle.

  1. Suppress the urge to post an opening for an AI expert to take this all on.And don’t just punt this over to your CIO or CTO.
  2. Start with a strategy. Winning strategies take a practical approach and start small.
  3. Find narrow use cases that are relevant to the overall corporate strategy. The most successful AI use cases live at the intersection of business objectives, data differentiation, and readily available artificial intelligence models.
    ecommerce ai corporate strategy
  4. Leverage third-party expertise on a project or part-time basis which can objectively help you build your strategy. Starting with a hire-first strategy may take 6 to 9 months to complete your AI vision. A tiger team of experts can help you build your AI roadmap in 6 weeks.
  5. Once you build the roadmap, ID narrow use cases that solve the biggest problems with the quickest implementations scenarios. Build or implement an MVP version of the solution. An MVP (minimum viable product) should provide the opportunity to deploy your solution quickly and also provide an interface for training employees on the AI model to confidently execute its task.
  6. Once confidence is achieved (both algorithmically and institutionally), build toward the full-scale solution.”

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