How AI can unlock customer loyalty – RetailSector

“Despite overall consumer interest being higher than 2017 (with average page views soaring by more than a quarter year over year), shoppers are clearly holding out for a better bargain. Getting consumers to commit to a purchase, and securing their loyalty, is clearly harder than ever.

That is, unless brands and retailers are able to learn from this information, and use it to fuel future personalisation strategies.

Everything you need is right here

A lot of the tools brands need to better understand the habits of their customers, is  right under their noses. Attracting thousands, if not millions of visitors to their sites every month, they sit on a bank of data, beaming with insights.

If they know that a customer is viewing a product multiple times a day, and on their mobile, it opens an opportunity to make recommendations that could translate into new activity, and to ensure they’re providing the best experience for their chosen platform. ”

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