IBM Unveils It’s Vision For The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

“Working to Improve Learning

What makes AI different from earlier technologies is its ability to learn.

“A big challenge now is being able to learn more from less,” Dr. John Smith, Manager of AI Tech at IBM Research, told me. “For example, in manufacturing there is often a great need for systems to do visual inspections of defects, some of which may have only one or two instances, but you still want the system to be able to learn from them and spot future instances.”

“We recently published our research on a new technique called few-shot or one-shot learning, which learns to generalize information from outliers”, he continued. “It’s still a new technique, but in our testing so far, the results have been quite encouraging.” Improving a system’s ability to learn is key to improving how it will perform.

Understanding Context

One of the most frustrating things about AI systems is their inability to understand context.”

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