How AI-powered commerce will change shopping

  • “Eighty-seven percent of shoppers now begin their hunt in digital channels — up from 71 percent in 2017
  • During Cyber Week 2018, mobile web traffic made up 70 percent of traffic on average, and accounted for 54 percent of orders placed on Thanksgiving Day
  • Research shows that customers are 9.5X more likely to view AI as revolutionary versus insignificant. Within the next five years, 87 percent of customers believe AI will have transformed their expectations of companies.
  • We’re talking about uber-personalized communications; 59 percent of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is very important to winning their business.
  • During the 2018 shopping holiday season, 35 percent of all revenues will be driven by shoppers who tap or click on an AI-based product recommendation
  • Research shows that personalization influences 38 percent of digital revenue, and I’d expect that will skyrocket in the next decade.
  • Research from Salesforce shows 82 percent of customers are willing to trade relevant information about themselves in exchange for connections between digital and in-person experiences”

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