Why SMS Marketing Could Be Your Brand’s Secret Weapon in 2019

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This article is not related to AI, but it’s such a critical opportunity that I wanted to include it this evening. I have deep experience in this space from my time at Facebook. My team leveraged SMS to acquire, engage and retain users. Our budget for SMS alone was mind-boggling and impact we drove was unparalleled. You’re leaving growth and revenue on the table if you’re not utilizing this channel today.

“One promising opportunity that’s often overlooked is SMS marketing, or text message marketing. Here are the reasons why SMS marketing could be the medium that takes your brand to new heights in 2019, how to get started and some best practices to ensure you’re using the channel most effectively.

People are always connected to their phones.

We live in a mobile-first world where people of all ages are increasingly becoming glued to their smartphones. In fact, it’s been recorded that, on average, people check their phones a whopping 80 times per day. As a result, it’s no wonder why open rates for SMS marketing typically hover around 82 percent. This makes sending texts to customers and members of your brand’s community the closest thing to being absolutely certain your content won’t get overlooked.”


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