The Amazing Ways TD Bank, Canada’s Second-Largest Bank, Uses Big Data, AI & Machine Learning

“The team established that this came down to

1 What is the data?

2 Who can access it?

3 Under what circumstances can they access it?

  • TD Bank Group is a leading Canadian bank and the sixth largest bank in North America by branches, employing more than 85,000 people. The bank provides its services to around 25 million customers, and its guiding philosophy is “legendary customer service.”
  • By moving to a data-lake infrastructure, and switching to providing data-as-a-service functions, TD Bank effectively democratized access to the information it gathers and stores as part of its business.
  • TD Bank’s Hadoop private cloud was built around Cloudera’s solution, and the bank looked to Talend as its integration partner 
  • The infrastructure has also made it possible to create customer-centric digital services such as its MySpend app, which allows customers to track their monthly spending.
  • This capability to act on data-driven insights received a boost with the acquisition this year of Toronto machine learning experts Layer 6. This investment in smart, self-learning technology will help it build systems that can more accurately predict customer needs.”

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