AI hits the mainstream

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications can now tackle several of marketing’s time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as market segmentation, content curation and predictive analysis. As AI applications become more sophisticated, they are beginning to take on tasks which require creativity, affording marketers more time to focus on perfecting campaigns and coming up with new ideas. For example, Narrative Science has created a program called Quill that can analyze data and facts and create insightful, natural language text for ads. Another company, EyeEm, has developed AI-based image curation software that helps companies find high-quality images from a database of photos and designs. The software selects photos related to a business’ brand and messaging, then figures out which ones will best suit a particular audience.

In addition, AI is becoming more accessible to the average business, thanks to major players like Facebook and Google. These companies have invested heavily in AI marketing tools, some of which can now be used by advertisers at no cost, thus lowering the barriers to entry for AI applications and democratizing the playing field. By leveraging accessible and cost-free tools, small businesses can find out for themselves if they want to invest more in AI marketing technology.

Although the rapid development of AI is exciting, this technology is by no means perfect. Even as AI applications start to take on progressively more complex tasks, human input will undoubtedly remain the most important part of the creative design process. But markets that succeed in combining the powerful precision of AI with human imagination will be able to create ads that are better received and more powerful than ever. Here, marketers need to find a balance between process optimization and customer desire for human interaction to avoid creating content which seems overly robotic.”

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