‘Less common sense than a house cat’: Why Facebook’s AI guru thinks the tech still has a long way to go

“Yann LeCun, who was hired by the social media giant in 2013 to oversee its AI operations, is widely considered one of the “godfathers” of deep learning, the breakthrough technology based on computer programs structured to work like the neural networks in the human brain.

“AI is not solved. The techniques that we have at the moment are very limited. They have a lot of applications, but they are very limited,” he told the Financial Post in a recent interview.

“Our best AI systems have less common sense than a house cat.”

LeCun said the next breakthrough will come from “unsupervised” or “self-supervised” learning, where an AI system could just watch thousands of hours of video, or read all the pages on Wikipedia, and just digest all of that information.”


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