Watch this four-minute film about the future of work in a world run by algorithms

To share…or not to share

I debated whether or not to share this video and link. I was initially turned-off by the fact that I had to download the Vimeo app but it’s only 58 MB.

It’s a thought provoking video, albeit overly dramatic and “Terminator-ish.” I ultimately decided to post because I connect with, “our deep-rooted desire to be productive.”

Here are some snippets from the accompanying post.

  • “It’s an unsettling message, subtly delivered. We live in a world that worships productivity, and that equates our ability to work with our value to society.”
  • “To some viewers, this augmented reality desktop probably looks more dreamy than dangerous (it certainly did to me). But that’s proof of how deep-rooted our desire to be productive is. Many of us want to do more in our lives, but we often forget to ask why or to what end we’re actually working.”

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