Have an idea but don’t have an engineer…

Sachin Dev Duggal – Founder & CEO of engineer.ai

  • “His platform engineer.ai is designed for building bespoke software using AI and a library of building blocks to democratize software development; making it faster and more accessible for everyone.
  • “People with ideas just get overwhelmed by the whole prospect of developing a product. Hence, 90per cent of products or services never see the light of the day.
  • Duggal in hands with his AI undertaking tries to empower anyone with an idea and no know-how create and operate the lifecycle of any bespoke digital project. And through his engineer.ai venture, he has introduced three products – Builder, BuilderCare and CloudOps.
  • Introducing Natasha, he mentions, “Natasha is our Artificial Intelligence bot that helps us create our custom apps quicker and cheaper.”


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