How Artificial Intelligence Is Used To Make Beer

  • “IntelligentX has the distinction of creating the world’s first beer that used AI algorithms and machine learning to help adjust its recipe.
  • IntelligentX creates four different varieties of beer—Black AI, Golden AI, Pale AI, and Amber AI. They ask customers to follow the URL link provided on the bottles to give their feedback through the Facebook Messenger app about the beer they try. By answering a series of 10 questions, the 80 percent of customers who have followed the link have given the company more than 100,000 data points.
  • Ultimately, once the company is able to scale, it could be possible to order a beer based on a recipe customized to your preferences.
  • Another brewer, this one in Virginia, uses machine learning to develop the perfect IPA. Champion Brewing company teamed up with machine learning company Metis Machine in an effort to brew their new ML IPA (yes, the ML stands for machine learning). The first step in the process was to input information about the ten best-selling IPAs nationally as well as data on the ten worst-selling brands. Then, based on the data, the algorithm determined the best recipe to become the nation’s best IPA.”

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