It’s the year of the sad robot at the Super Bowl

  • “Amazon’s commercial makes Alexa the butt of the joke by showcasing toothbrushes, dog collars, and other items that go hilariously awry when equipped with Amazon’s voice assistant.
  • Robots are designing Sprint’s Super Bowl pitch.
  • Mercedes-Benz is showing off the voice assistant in its luxury vehicles, to name a few.
  • Michelob Ultra’s fitness-crazed robot looks on longingly at a group of friends enjoying a beer at the bar
  • The smart speaker in the commercial from Pringles is devoid of all joy.
  • the robot child in TurboTax’s teaser for its Super Bowl spot is having some kind of existential crisis over a kale salad it’s incapable of eating
  • SimpliSafe, a home-security company, is the exception. Its Super Bowl teaser depicts a chorus of fear-mongering neighbors discussing a potential prowler, which, in the final seconds of the ad, appears to be a robot”

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