Diamond Pro’s AI spots imperfection in gems

Image Credit: Pixabay

  • “Would you ever consider purchasing diamond jewelry online? Lots of people have — according to Research and Markets, the jewelry ecommerce market accounts for roughly 5 percent of the $257 billion overall jewelry industry, a share that’s expected to triple by 2020. It’s growing especially quickly in Asia, where the compound annual growth rate from 2011 to 2014 exceeded 60 percent.
  • “Our team of diamond experts trained Ringo by having the tool review photographs of tens of thousands of diamonds,” said Ira Weissman, founder of the Diamond Pro. “Now shoppers know they can rely on unbiased, sophisticated AI to bring them the best options available.”
  • The really novel bit, though, is a “patent-pending” technology that can spot inclusions, or particles visible to the naked eye. Its computer vision models are able to detect when inclusions will be visible once the diamond is placed in a particular ring setting from retailers like James Allen.
  • AI isn’t just being used to compare diamonds for purchase, as it turns out. STPL, a diamond processing and life sciences group based in Gujarat, India, recently deployed a machine that can autonomously select and position a rough diamond for cutting. Israeli company Sarine, meanwhile, offers tools that tap machine learning to grade the color and quality of both low- and high-carat stones.”


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