The Best of AI: New Articles Published This Month (January 2019)

“Welcome to the January edition of our best and favorite articles in AI that were published this month. We are a Paris-based company that does Agile data development. This month, we spotted articles about reinforcement learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence legislation and more. We advise you to have a Python environment ready if you want to follow some tutorials :).

1 — How AI thinks when painting?

2— Tensorflow 2.0 Learning by Doing

3— Predicting stock price movement with deep learning

4— Process sensitive healthcare data with Amazon Comprehend Medical

5 — Natural Language Processing State of the Art models

6 — Machine Learning fighting hackers

7 — Endlessly generate complex and diverse learning environments and their solutions

8 — AlphaStar: the ideal StarCraft II team-mate

9— Retrospect the year 2018 of Google AI Lab

10 — First MIT AI Policy Congress”

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