Putting AI smarts behind multichannel product data

  • “It’s for sure not the sexiest topic, but product information management software, or PIM, is becoming more top of mind with B2B companies.
  • “To keep up with digital transformation,” he adds, many businesses today must send 10 times as many product descriptions to 10 times as many places as they had in the recent past
  • PIM vendors include Agility, Akeneo, Contentserv, EnterWorks, IBM, Informatica, inRiver, Riversand, Salsify, SAP and Unilog.
  • This week, for example, PIM vendor Akeneo introduced Akeneo PIM 3.0, which integrates with its AI-backed Franklin online library of 50 million products.
  • The annual cost starts at about $60,000, but the average cost for Akeneo’s customers ranges between $100,000 and $500,000, says Christel Grizaut Billaut, vice president of marketing.”


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